Zuo Luo:“Ren Yixing has the ability to confuse the hearts。”

When the rebellion,More than one person,He also joined the Gasro Empire with a few energetic teenagers.,Unfortunately, those people were finally killed by him.。
As for the reason,Simple,Tooger these people followed behind him。
Rosau is pulling an interior view to go next to it.,Small asking:“what happened?Zuo Luo Huan is not good?”
“It may be because it has played a general public with a light gun.。”Anying Scenery Road。
He listens to the players say that Zuo Luo has never hesitated from the beginning.,Initially, several shots were directly shot into ordinary people.,Although the other party has been cut,But anyone is probably the psychological will have a burden.。
The two people walk next to them.,Zuo Luo is not paying attention,She stands in the channel,People who are still waiting in line outside,Hold the light gun。
If An Yingview asks her,Zuo Luohuan said that her psychology does not have much burden,People have died,In those seconds, she can save others.,If you hesitate,Let others continue to be killed,Her heart will have a burden。
bad mood,Purely because I lost the ring。
Although the front is a crossroad,However, the streets that Zuo Luo came out were relatively biased.,She is put on the moment of skeleton machine,Put white bag on the street road,Rely on the wall。
At that time,She doesn’t think someone will run in the process of escape.,Take away the ring,As for those who bring the new robot dog, it is a group of kiliers.,Who will take her something。
At the time of the http://www.oppjo.cn situation,Only do not move around the surrounding environment,Even leisure talents will bend a small bag。
Idea,Zuo Luoho face is more difficult to read a bit。
Five days later,Floor emergency search,Allow the underground people to return。
up to now,The skeleton machine team has handled more than 2,000 new robot dogs.,However, the casualties caused by these robots have been doubled.。
Zuo Luo Huan and others rushed to the border line,At this time, it is still outside the border wall.,Bringing team and second-generation robot dog fighting。
The team members who have been the Winter Army will apparently make more easiness.,Many or military school students deal with second-generation robots,More。
Ji’s rapid adjustment deployment,Let the military school that have no experience first followed,After these days, http://www.32912999.cn after the battle,These military school students grow speed,He retreated the team。
The actual combat is always the best teacher。
Second generation robot dog pair on bone machine,Be very losing,But they have too much quantity,Wheel war,Not a person,Need only energy block,Use the number to consume a border army。
When Zuo Luo returned to the border line,Oki is being outside the border wall,Arrupted by the second generation robot dog。
She jumped directly from the wall.,No use of a light gun,Another hand pulls out the sharpener,Cut the robot dog,Only have such a knife,In order to express my anger in my heart。
Zuo Luohuan is too fast,It took a moment to cut out the gap around it.,Let the nearby Westlands stunned。
So many second-generation robot dogs,Although it is more than the bone machine team,But this http://www.dylsbz.cn also……too exaggerated。
The second generation robot dog in the side of the alley,Looking at the sudden appearance of Zuo Luo,Micro bend in the eyes,He knows that she will be safe.。
“Since they actively send materials to the door,We don’t want white。”Zuo Luo looked back at the way。
“good。”Oki’s quadramph。
some people,Is it destined to be a cardiologist on the battlefield,As long as she stands on the battlefield,Every time you can cause the surrounding player’s blood boiling。
For a time, the bone machine that has been exhausted is also spiritual.,Excited to deal with these bulk second-generation robot dogs。
The team of Ji Yong is going to make a team,Constantly,But the second-generation robot dog appearing in their vision,No can be removed from the circle,All have to be left。
“Hold,Zuo Luohuan has not restless for several days.,She is really nothing?”Rosau is already in two rounds.,Looking at Zuo Luo, outside the border wall,Some sorrows,“Fortunately, now we are a team。”
“You think that her level is so much so much is white.?”Trucks and drinks your mouth,He is waiting for the weapon to help him repair the skeleton machine.,“The new robot dog in the city is difficult to deal with?”
“Things are like a scorpion,Hurt people,If not in time,In the crowd is the killing。”Mention this,Roshao remembered that he started to deal with these things.,I can only look at people to die.,That kind of weakness,It is the biggest impact of her life in her life.。
“How do they mix it??”
“Not a gamr,All of the federal people。”Rosau。