“Sue?I don’t know how the sky is thick,You don’t give money waiting for the lawsuit.。”Tian Nong snorted。

“Black and white。”The office door is holding Ye Qian’s hand.。
Just when the ostrich just pulled Ye Qian.,A familiar voice came:“ostrich,Laozi finally found you。”
The ostrich heard the words, just saw a shadow.,This person is not someone else is Lin Feng,Lin Feng is here to prepare for the waiter,But I didn’t have time to ask Liu Lei.。
“Maple!”Ostrich sees people,Suddenly, I barely reveal the smile.。
“ostrich,What’s wrong with you?”Lin Feng did not pay attention to a bandage on the head of the ostrich.,And by a waitress。
“I am fine.,I accidentally fell.,Ye Qian,You go back first.。”Ostrich said casually,His shoulders break free from Ye Qian’s hand。
“Manager Liu,thank you。”Ye Qian is looking at ostrich,Sincere gratitude ostrich。
“There is no more trouble,Not going away。”Ostrich suddenly sang,Some urgency between tone。
“I go first,Go to the money,You wait for me。”Ye Qian Nei Yan immediately turned and prepared to leave。
Ostrich is a glimpse,When I want to open the mouth,A contemptuous voice passed:“Boy,No money to charge any hero,Even the old bonnet can’t afford to pay。”
The owner of this sound is Zhou Shao,At the moment, there were fewer figures.,The white tiger tattoo and Qinglong Tattoo men have also gone out,Each eye looks at the ostrich。
The ostrich heard the tightness of his fist.,His face is red。
Lin Feng looked at the reflection of ostrich,Looking at the bandage on his head,Suddenly frowning,It seems that your brother encounters trouble.。
“Zhou Shao,You deceived too much。”Ostrich is looking at Zhou Shao and others,He doubles blood,I can’t wait to take a knife and cut these people.。
“How to bully you?Are you worth my bully??”Zhou Shaozong scornful:“You are in this less eye, just a door dog,Even more dogs are not as good as。”
Ostrich 铁 铁,He finally couldn’t help but,He is also a bloody person,He bent down and picked up a brick.,Prepare him to http://www.shujiuhong.cn lose his paralysis。
But when I just picked up a stone,Lin Feng’s figure has gone over。
“ostrich,Remove。”Lin Feng grabbed the hand of ostrich。
“Maple,Don’t stop me,I have to smash this dog day.。”Ostrich whispering:“He is too deceived.。”
“I will handle。”Lin Feng directly took the stone in the hands of the ostrich.,I have been staring at this week before got cold.。
“Boy,You strong?”Zhou Shao smiled:“Where did you come out??Your brother owes me to a bottle of wine.,Can you afford it??”
“Oh,Not still paying attention to what you said,I ask you a sentence.,Where is his wound??”Lin Feng faint。
“His wound?His head hits it on the old wine bottle,Take the white wine of Laozi,So you must accompany me money。”Zhou Shao-cold laugh,His figure gave up,Take the color。
“Oh,It turned out to be like this。”Lin Feng http://www.yupinsilk.cn smiled and said,Lin Feng’s arm suddenly violent,The squatted wiring for Zhou Shao’s cheek。
This strike is a shot of the magic hand in the big day.。
Big Japan is like a third of the third,Saving a sighter。
The essence of this trick is despise,random,It’s like shooting flies.,Moreover, the actual worker is also domineering itself.。
“you dare……”Zhou Shao dreams, I can’t think of this Lin Feng.。
It’s just that his words have not come yet.,Lin Feng’s a slap slapped on his face.。
Loud sound sound,Zhou Shao directly fell directly on the ground,His mouth is blowing blood,His teeth are played out。
Zhou Shao low voice roaring?
who is he?His Laozi is a boss of a big house company in Zhongzhou City.,In Zhongzhou City is also a tangible figure,Eat in black and white in Zhongzhou City,It is also a person who is eye-catching.。
And his family and Qin family relationship are very good.,Cause no,His big figure is Qin Wolf,The Qin Wolf is also a convincing character in Zhongzhou.。
Therefore, Zhou Shao himself went to face, listening to compliment,I have not been hit by people.,It’s also he stepped on others.。
And today, I was taking a slap in the public.。
What a shame is this?。