All laugh,Everyone has an excitement and excitement。

“Unimaginable,It’s hard to imagine。”
“Forty base,Only a lot,Absolute only a lot!
“Those tools and secret treasures……I will look at it casually.,All is the best.……”Forty tribute,Plus 10,000 robbery original reserves,That is, forty-six bases。
Even if there are two hundred thirty bases in the Beidou Palace,Ten thousand robbery also has the strength of a quota!Bustle,Their eyes are often looking to the summer,Flooding unable to describe the color。
Is this the strength of a big man?。
Correction is magic,Can only have four bases,Raise to ten times!This is no exaggeration,It’s like a miracle!Half half,All people are quiet。
Huayun Xian’s face reveals easy color,“Summer brother,Fortunately, I have you.,if not,We have difficulty this year.,Now has these forty-six basements,We should get a quota。”
Summer stunned,Feel unbelievable,“General,Just a quota?”
He is somewhat unexpected。
To know,This year,More than 400 refinery,No day no night refinery,And all the ideas he gives it.。
It can be said,Refining the tools and secret treasures,Most of the quality of the small best。
Also has a stroke,He refines a large number of three-product big pole pen,Not only improves the efficiency of the Mastermaster,Quality also grows several times。
also,In the batch of Danfang he gave,Situ Mingyue and Zhantai are all available。
I got dozens of refined treasury drugs。
Not exaggerated,Summer thinking that I have done it.。
However, now Huayunxian tells him,Forty bases can only get a quota?
How to do this!In his plan,At least two places。
Because of him,Almost do not return。
And another quota,It is left to the million robbery。
He is such a person,People respect me one foot,I respect people。
For friends,Might,If you can’t do it, you will don’t recognize people.。
“Uh,Xia brother, don’t move。”
Huayunxian is not hiding,“As far as we get,北 青 青 辉 辉 辉,I have already refined a five-piece,A five-character instrument can be such a two hundred tribute。”
Summer double eyes,“He is a new five big masters,I want to successfully refine the five-character props within one year.,Idiot。”
“Summer long,Please listen to me。”
The length of the water is speech,“According to the secret of our dark,In fact, he became the five big masters three years ago.。”
Summer face micro-change。
Long old,“certainly,Even three years,A new promotion is also difficult to successfully refine five-character,But he is successful.,It is said that there is a lot of luck,And the five-character,Also countless five-character,It is said that it is only more than four products.,It seems not perfect。”
Summer is silent。
for a long time。
“if it is like this,Tell it。”
Summer breathing a breath,Sink,A few interest,And then bite the teeth,“He has five products,I also have five products.。”