“so cold,The nearest day and night temperature difference is really big.。”Mountain is wrapped in collar。

“It is said that this climate will last year.。”
Mountain nodes:“Anyway, experts say this.,It seems to be Rena and Earno effect.,Will trigger a lot of natural climate disasters。”
Science is suddenly felt that the nose is cold,Look up,Scales white crystallization has been sprinkled with the sky。
“Sign is good.,Come back, you can meet snowfall。”
“I think it is for someone returned from Hokkaido.,Snowfall is not as interest as rainfall。”
“I almost forgot that you came back there.,But compared to the snow in the countryside,The snow in the city is quite a flavor,Good experience is。”Husoka smiled and said。
“Right,That’s going.,Do not support umbrella。”Corona is like this into the snow,A small snow that doesn’t have to be umbrella。
Suddenly,His foot will stop。
“what happened,There is something forgetting in the chess garden?”Shangang asked。
“Do not,I just think,There may be anything bad tonight to happen.。”Science is looked at the dark snow。
Unknown forever,Each piece falls snowflakes,It seems black。
Maybe a place tonight,Bad people are gathering。
Chapter 25 · Bohuang also
Tokyo in January,The temperature is still very low,It is still in the range of the white album.,The snow can fall down at any time。
Bus car owned by the bus,The end of the street floating the end of New Year and Christmas。
“That’s goodbye.,I will continue to come out next time.。”Down to the crossroads,Koho said to her。
http://www.justadidas.cn “The reason why the next time you come out is no two,You won the title of the famous war,Or both of us successfully admitted to the ideal school。”Shao Palace hooks on the arm of the white dream,As if it is saying“Next, I will see the tricks.”。
Bai Direct also nodded:“In this case,It is certain that there is also the third kind,We have completed their respective goals。”
“Be right,This is it。”Kohuma hit abgoPhony。
If the meteor rain in the previous day is effective,This should be realized.。
Use professional network language,It is called that there is a beautiful future, although this line is in most cases, it is a reverse call.。
“That Qingdao you?,Don’t you give some future feelings??”Cooperative。
“Don’t talk about it.,going to work,It’s good to come.。”Qingdao is in the windows,Wave painting with fingers http://www.cqidcsys.cn written on glass。
“Are you not going to work?。”Corona did not remember,The other party seems to have such a person.。
“That is summer.,It’s winter now.,It is also quick to enter my low tide.,Every year to this time,My winning rate is very low.。”
What is this bears??
This is really not a person who grabs Xiong Sakura.?
——Oh,wrong,That is the polar bear,Well-known,No one can play a winter gross。
Just Yeqing Island deer head topped a small panda hat,Just divide the property of the panda.。
“so,This time,I will have a good horse for the time being.。”Qingdao deer came back to his head,甩 科 执 执 执,The whole person will come to the spirit。
“I didn’t remember this.,You seem to say that you are not good at going chess.”
“That forgotten,forget!Mainly my status problem!Warm in winter,It is what I rise.!”
http://www.lfxajt.cn The bus will send everyone to home.,When Island deer got off the door in the mouth of the woman,The star has been waiting at the door.。
“Welcome two seniors come back,It is said that the predecessors of this study were surrounded by a group of soft gyzykly.。”Star color surface is free of expression。