NS297chapter Number of romantic people still look at this DPRK(superior)

Fuyang and Fancheng,A pair of pearls on the feudal era of Han River,rare“Longfeng City”,Accounts in Jingxiang accounts for extremely important。
But look from the perspective of military defense,Fan City is far more than Fuyang,Have always been“Iron-hitting,Fancheng, paper paste”Say。
The second day of Gao Bao to catch Fuyang,Fancheng East has a team of a team,It is Hulu Town,Yang Jian is a deputy,Yu Wenzi is the military festival“Assist army”,Um,Also called the Si Wei Officer Second Generation Sanyi Fighting Center。
Upper length,Lower body,The five senses have some non-mainstream Yang Jian.,The tone is slightly low to a thirty-year-old,A young woman says:“Four son,Fuyang has fallen,It is said that Guo Yan will not go to the city to check?”
This clear teenager is Yu Wen.,Yu Wen Tai Si。
He is smart from childhood.,widely read,And a stable and low-key,Very Very Yu Wentai’s attention and love。
“check,Nature is to check。Weijing Xuan and Guo Yan in Fuyang,Leading so that the city is falling,本 跷 跷。
And you and I have to take the shore in Fan Chengfu,It sighs that the North Qi Water Army is strongly sealed.,We have to travel more than ten miles to Fan City。Waiting back to Changan,I will definitely recommend the statement to let my father ordered the water army.,Today’s shame。”
I know that Yu Wen is hiding in Yuwen.,Yang Jian knew that this guy fails to express the poetry like that.,Government affairs,I don’t understand the four sons of military affairs。
Surface is not moving,Just microphone attached。
I learned that the assistance came.,Fan Chengli’s defenders will be cheered,In the leadership of Guo Yan,I didn’t expect it to see it. He Rukun and Changan Quanqi two generations and their housekeeping will consist.“Assistant”。
This army,If it is a family,Pulling out to play very combat。
But if it is a war,It takes long-term tempering。
No need to say,These people http://www.1tijian.cn have the situation in Jingxiang,Will there be any help。
Fancheng here’s a soldier,It is the defeated soldiers who escaped in Xiangyang City,There is also a half of Gao Boyi“Give a gift”of,See Yu Wentai Four Soni Yuwen,Some uncomfortable。
Yu Wenzhen did not interrogate Guo Yanhe others,But I sent a letter to explore the news.,One by one asked Guo Yan and the generals,I roughly took this time in the battle of Fuyang.。
simply put,It is a big problem in the deployment before the war.,I don’t know if it is interested or unintentionally。
Then Guo Yan gave the privilege to announce the ass,As a result, the North Qi Jun, who was treated, was heeded.。
Probably declaration,Deliberately do not send a reinforcement,Not intended to fight against,It seems to be killing people,Many people can prove this。
Then Guo Yan knows http://www.takex-koganei.cn that the authority Dynasty will kill him from the Pharma’s persuasion.,Then break through success,Return to Fuyang。
The last two Jingxiang’s main generals have counted in the city,Weijing Xuan sent people to open the gate of Xiangyang。
Gao Baoyi encountered Gao Bao,I want to be safe under the part,Was released by the other party,Say what respects the loyalty。
Weijing Xuan is surrounded in the government,Gao Baoyi。
Deputy commander,Then Gao Biyi sent all the captives to the north bank。
The whole thing is confusing,There are many places where it is uncommon。
However, a few is confirmed。
The main responsibility of this failure is in the power,Do not exclude, there is a collision with Gao Boyi.。
As for Gao Biyi, why is the last instead of killing?,It is very likely to worry that the future will reuse this person.,Grab your own Raiders Jing Xiang’s credit。
And Guo Yan must be innocent,But he is a master of Gao Baoyi.!