“what……Soil spirit,Bless my body!”

Annoying,Two consecutive times,Let him feel shameful,Don’t hesitate to play a trick。
on the ground、in the air、in all directions、And the main body,Lying up endless yellow mist。
Instantly surround him。
Yellow fog,Only two gold light。
That is a pair of eyes,No humans,It’s like the gods,http://www.80must.cn it’s cold and watching Xiao Yan.。
Anti-view,Just a loud laugh,Not refund,Be in a person,Actively attack。
Both constantly collides。
The body’s body seems no longer a flesh and blood.,But steel casting,铿 铿 音 音。
However, Xiao Yan did not refund,Arms shake,Constantly collision。
The speed of the two is very fast,There is only a group of yellow mist and a gravy of a graceful posture.,Leave a shadow。
However,Just after a moment,Everyone’s heart is cold。
Even if the Lu Quan has played the strongest trick,I didn’t occupy the wind.。
on the contrary,Xiao Yan’s entire person seems to have turned a chain.,If you are divided,The appearance in the direction of the land,Strong attack。
That is not a transient,That is too fast.。
A moment,Lu Quanhe,The http://www.cvtt123.cnultimate form of the spirit of the earth,However, it was interrupted by a palm.。
not only that,The spirit of his soil will not be able to maintain long-lasting,Have to quit。
So,He became the extreme,Left right,I feel that I am in front of my eyes.,The opponent’s palm punches。
Every power is very unbelievable,Only let him numb,The bone is constantly coming to the embarrassment。
The guards around them are full of cheering。
Both is for Xiao Yan,Also use words to give the land。
The face of the top 20 disciples in the Wannian has become difficult to look。
Put up,In these people,Lu Quan’s battle is definitely in the top ten。
Such a strong,At this moment, the wolf of the women who was repaired by a Tianjun strength.。
This loss is not only a face of Luquan.,There are them。
What is the next day?,What young generation。
The other party is just a district guard,Come out a woman’s hierarchy,You can find these so-called genius to find the north。
certainly,They are also clear,These guards are practiced in the secret from small.,Adapt to the environment here,Have a certain advantage。
And they come in,Definitely http://www.huabao88.cn not adapt so fast。
But don’t forget,The two are poor a level?。
Summer eyes squint,A horrified surprise in the depths of the scorpion。
He found this named Xiao Yan’s women.,Not only fast,The key is that in the palm of the palm of the mystery,Every power is very large。
and,The other party’s approach,There is a weight loss,Runfulness。
Disclosure,A strength is bound by gravity,Power is also limited,The more it becomes wrong,The more you fight, the wolf。