Gao Biyi is very intensive today,I didn’t want to continue in the evening.“punish”High-spirited。

“His name is Li Delin,Boling Li’s person。”
I only heard of Boling Cui.,Which Boling Lisia is?
Gao Biyi fogwater。
Only for Li Delin this person,He is very familiar。
after all,At the beginning, Lukes became a night, he became the king of Ren City.,Gao Baoyi is the person who has a cheap person,When I got Lucian,Method, not very bright。
He is a thief,Naturally, you will have a long time,Investigate what masters have。
Ren Gongwang or one figure,But you can take your side.,That is, this Li Delin。
Li Delin,Word official,Boling An Pingren,This year24age,Wen history scriptures have involved,And you will not forget,Since childhood, there is a title of God.。
He is a high-hustle,Tale and learning is not very common。But I heard that this year has left high.,To Yucheng,Also recommended as“Show”Waiting“Official”。
Here is to say the so-called north Qi“Show”What is something?。
Nort-North Dynasties,The implementation is the nine products,However, this is not the only selection system.。
There is another system,Be called“Xiu Cai and Xiaoyian Test”。
Texture and Xiaoyian exam in the entire Wei, Jin, Southern Dynasties,Is an in front、An important electoral system for actual use of talents。
It is both a follower,It is also the most important Jinshi in the Sui and Tangko system.、Ming Dynasty,Direct origin。
It has its own status and role in the selection talents during the Wei, Jin, Southern Dynasties.,This also shows that the nine products are not the only selection system in the Wei, Jin and South North Dynasties.。
The Xiu Cai Xiao Yili has monopolized,But must pass the exam。Xiu Cai is in the Western Han Dynasty,To Eastern Han Dynasty,And Xiao Yong。The so-called show means that there is a special excellent talent,which is“Can make the phase”Special talent。
Li Delin does not follow the high mix,Can’t wait for the official,So late, run what you are doing here.?
What can he get from yourself??
Gao Baoyi wearing a bad shot to get up,He suddenly remembered one thing you know these days.。
Luceon went to the day before Qizhou,The two people tossed in the clouds in the clouds.。I recently received a message.,Said that she is now pregnant.。
Why do you have an extremely intimate high?,The belly is not moving.?
With a lot of doubts,Gao Bo Yi met the Northern Qi Tong Li Delin in the study.。
Thin and high,Look at the elegant,The eyes are in some wise ray words,The whole person seems to be free,Polite。
But this is just an impression.。
Gao Boyi believes,Let’s find yourself so late,Of people with ideas。
The other party has no idea,Will you sleep for a while?,Or do people with your own women are not good??
I have to come here for yourself.?
“Mr. Li is coming late at night.,But what is the meter??”Gao Bo Yi asked a journey。
“I heard that the Fuyang Wangfu has still lacks long history.,Not in order,Specially recommended。”
Li Delin’s hand of the Gao Baoyi。
Eh?Isn’t I now a shock?,Some people have gone?
Gao Biyi can’t help but sit straight,Ambient:“Appreciate further details。”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record