As for the specific things,Someone will do it,Although One Piece culture is not very popular,,But the world center like Shampoo,Many literate people,Plus they are only a few thousand at best,No management problem。

“Let’s go,Let’s go to another human trafficker union!”
Call a hundred brothers again,Leo brings Thorn and Trangot。
“Who is this?”Seeing Seun who has been downcast,Troangot asked。
“Don’t care who i am,I’m just a scholar dragged into the water,A tragic scholar who was dragged into a fight right after entering the gang!”
Trangote,What is this introduction。
“Don’t worry about this guy, Trang,His name is Seun。You treat him as a senior thug!”
Finished,Leo ignored Seren’s eyes,Said to Seun:“He is Trang,Steward of our Chamber of Commerce,You want books or something in the future,I have to ask him to buy it!”
I heard Leo say that,Troangot straightened his collar immediately,As if to say,Recognize who is the biggest boy under Leo。
Thurn also looked at Troangoth:“He doesn’t seem to have any brains,Can you really manage our organization??”
So irritating,Can you speak human words。
Although angry,But Tlangote didn’t mean to do anything.,Leo’s meaning is very straightforward,Senior thug,That means this guy’s strength is very unusual。
after all,Just now Leo’s evaluation of Si Keen is just a good thug,Can be a security captain。
and so,Thurn’s strength is definitely stronger than Si Keen。
I want to kill him but can’t beat him,Only ninja。
“correct,Leo boss,Where is West Cohen?”Troangote quickly changed the subject。
“West Cohen?”Leo was taken aback,Yes,Where did Xi Keen go??
Could it be that she ran away??