Nowadays,Su Chen out of a new road。

Broken the darkness of the road of this world。
If there is no Su Chen, this step,The way to the world,Will be ancient night。
Today, I will do it today.,Dawn arrival。
Su Chen is the light of the darkness in front of the dawn,This is also the only light in the night in the night.。
At this moment, Su Chen only feels that he is a demon.,Self-intention,I can’t tell the command,Steer。
This is hard to imagine power,It is already fully grasped by him.,No slightly reluctant。
A greatness is completely attributed to your own feelings。
Magic road,It is a force practice。
There are still many differences between the authenticity of the Yuan God.。
Any power of the same level,It’s far away from Suizu’s extent.。They are more in their own,Treatment of heaven and earth、Avenue Legal to give birth to Great Attack。
But this big god,Of course, there is a horrible destructive force。
But how come so much, so that Suzhou is working with the destructive power of your own.。
Just force practice,Even if there is such a big advantage,It is a little short of,That is, every time the promotion needs a massive gantry.,And every breakthrough demand,Everything is a generous growth。
Su Chen also doesn’t know this world,Can you supply him the next breakthrough?。
It is probably not。
After all, after all wash away,He has been successfully completed,The realm has to practice the ceiling of this world。
Although he has a road in front,But the way is not in this world.。
it’s time to,Some intended for the road behind。
Suizhen’s Taching Solution,Not the law of cultivation,Instead, the practice of the general law,As long as there is enough big wisdom,Can realize the method of practice from above,Or solve the problem of self-emergence。
It can be said,The cultivation of Taching is endless。
But there is no big wisdom,Instead, it will be delayed,Even bitter,No。
If Su Tu didn’t learn so many classes in the Lushan Tibet,To solve the ominous way,Time to take long time,At that time he is ominous,It will grow to a very terrible level。 Perhaps it is a blessing from the demon to the air transport.,Su Chen is almost in Lushan.。
This also makes him realize the benefits of gathering。
Atmosphere,So encountering fatal dangers,Maybe because of your own air,Chemize insurance,Even after the danger,Get a bigification。
but,Everyone has an atmosphere,On their horrible base,Want to add,It’s almost。
Therefore, Su Chen is very suspicious.,Those guys who left this world,Almost all have to leave the Tao,It is very likely to get gathering。
NS94chapter Confuse(Moon ticket plus more)
This guess,Su Chen can be tried。
Anyway, long him,It can take a period of time to cultivate a field,Branch,See what benefits will he have?。
Long-growing years,It’s enough to try his incompetent possible,Also make his future day,Will n’t be so boring。
before this,Su Chen still has to do a test,That is to see what scenes outside this world.。
Although the body of God,You can cross the empty,But there are many rumors,The void outside the heavens and the earth contains a lot of dangers.,The gods of the way to take care of him will take risks,Not enough to take。And the Taoist practiced after pure yang god,Can be separated from this world。And there are many ways to leave this world of Tianxian.,He is steadily,Naturally, you can try it with Yuan Shen.。
For Su Tu,Taking the vitality of him today,Give birth to a pure Yangyuan god is not difficult。Taoist Road,Break this,He has experienced,With the conditions of condensed the god。What’s more, he also has many of the Tibetan Classic Pavilion and the Taqing Road Solution to the Practice.。
All the conditions of pure yang Yuan god he already have。