Shanxi Bridge Selection Faculty Folk Master Sword

  Original title: Shanxi Bridge Selection Fair ended the civil masters of the prince "" This competition, the master in the province is coming. "After winning the men’s group champion, the 53-year-old Yan Jinglin wiped a sweat on the head. "I have been hitting the last round, the top three teams have diverted the winning and negative.

"On June 6th," I want to go to the full port "14th National Games Masses Activity Shanxi Bridge Selection Competition.

  The leader comes from "The Village", this game is very addictive, hitting the final, and the top three will be a two or two points. "Yan Jinglin said. In 1987, when Jingjing Lin was studying in the Mathematics Department of Shanxi University, I came into contact with the students in the bridge movement.

In the past 30 years, the old classmates will gather together, play cards.

"In 2016, we officially formed a club, called ‘之’.

Yan Jinglin said. In the "Village", Yan Jinglin’s personal comprehensive capacity is the strongest ability.

This selection, "The Village" team won the men’s group champion and won the opportunity to represent the National Games of Shanxi.

  "Distance to the National Games, there is still a month of preparing time." Yan Jinglin said, "our overall level is in the middle of the country, all go all out."

"The new journey begins in the" bridge "on", our selection is over, and the team of the team puts new responsibilities. "Zhao Peng, secretary general of Shanxi Bridge Association, said," At the National Games, everyone will continue to work hard. " The 14th National Games Bridge Competition is divided into three phases of the selection, preliminaries and finals.

After the end of the selection competitions, the National Games Bridge preliminaries will be held in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, from July 5th to 10th.

  Shanxi Bridge Team will participate in the men’s group competition (amateur group), women’s group competition, mix group match, and double competition (amateur group). In the top eight in the preliminaries, you can get qualified for the National Games final. "Bridge has a certain mass foundation, Taiyuan, Changzhi, Yangquan and other places in our province, have established a private club." Zhao Peng said, "We organized the online bridge competition last year, attracted 268 teams to exchange in the country, the scale of the event The whole country.

(Reporter Yang Hull).