Technical team is escorting the country’s off-road ski center event smoothly

  During the two Intercontinental Cup games in Snow Federation, the national off-road ski center site lighting will take the track as a day.

Reporter Deng Weixue meets Beijing 2021 to 2022 International Snow United International Ski InterContinental Cup and Nordic Intercontinental Cup, December 5, in the Beijing Winter Olympics Zhangjiakou, the Guyang Tree Pavilion.

The event is successful, and the technical business unit in the country off-road ski center venue is not good.

  "The standard for evaluation technology work is’ silent ‘, is a solution, service, and running on time delivery, which is the business level of the agreed service in a way that does not need to discuss’.

"The Technical Manager of the National Off-road Ski Center, said," All members of our technical team will work hard to achieve the goal of ‘silent’ delivery, and achieve technology in silent navigation. "Winter Olympics field is the technical business area of ??the team, responsible for the deployment, operational protection and technical support of technical equipment and services in the venue, through the operation of the venue, information, communication, audio and video, radio management and network security Key key technical services and security, meet the technical needs of customer group during match.

The service objects in this area include athletes and team officials, international single sports joints and technical officials, TV broadcast media, text and photographer, Olympic (Huawao) big family VIP, market partners, ticket speakers, and staff eight kind.

  "For example, communication includes fixed communication, mobile communication, cluster communication, public network intercom.

"Hu Guoqing said," The overall communication network of the venue is planned to build the overall communication network in front of the communication, providing stable and reliable network security in various fields in the venues. "In addition to these can’t see but withdrawn, there are many" technologies "that can be seen in the venue media center of the National Off-road Ski Center.

At the reporter station, there is an integrated socket specially designed for the Olympics, nicknamed "Information Island", which provides a variety of system-wide power sockets, and the lower end is also connected.

Microphones, radio equipment, remote interviews used by news conferences, including multi-venue TV signals to off-road skiing center when including Olympics, are also deployed by technical business sectors, operational guarantees and provide technical support. "One of our key tasks is the performance service.

"Hu Guoqing said," We will provide full-process timing score, grade handling and grades distribution services for international single sports joints, media, Olympic Broadcasting Services, privileged brigade, etc.

"And radio use and management in the Country Off-road Ski Center is also the work content of the technical business.