Spring is easy! Don’t let the appearance of white spots affect your child’s mind

  Spring is a high-risk season of vitiligo, while children are not only a high-income group, but it is easier to pass psychological trauma due to changes in appearance.

A few days ago, the Chinese Children’s Teenage Foundation Breeding "Confession Action" public welfare activities landed in Henan Province. Since its launch, since April 10, 2015, it has entered into Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, and has accumulated more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, and thousands of dilemma have a family.

  Su Shichun, the head of the child’s psychological assistance project, said that children’s physical and mental health is about family happiness, more related to the future and hopes of the nation.

In practice, "Confession Action" continued to carry out the "benefit confession and love" public welfare line, invite experts to go to the patient, launch public welfare gifts, bring scientific knowledge to the child. At the same time, strengthen the psychological assistance of children, help children with physical and mental, and grow healthily. Among the activities, vitiligo subsidized family representative Zhang Jun said on the spot to tell the special "confession" experience of his family. In 2008, Zhang Jun Shan’s big daughter lost in a snow night, and then the unfortunate end of the family took place. First, he suffers from vitiligo, because the big daughter is causing, the white spot is spread to the face until the face.

He is not willing to face outsiders, bought an electric car, and rely on the rest of the house. In the meantime, the little daughter, the little son also "tried", the condition is constantly aggravated, and a family life is still.

Until four years later, a family gathered in Beijing. After applying for "Confession Action" funding and expert treatment, Zhang Jun Shan and two children have lived a normal life. Children should avoid trauma pay attention to psychology, vitiligo is a melanin loss and white spot forming a characteristic common pigment disorder skin disease, although it is a problem of skin surface, but it is actually "illness in skin, symptoms in the body surface, origin Blood, root in the past ", wherein the blood is the source, the organte is fundamentally. The event invited Beijing Guo Dan’s American experts for patient science vitiligo knowledge to help patients’ scientific understanding and control.

Director Bai Shufang said that children are vitiligo high-incidence populations. Once they are ill, daily care is very important.

Specifically, avoiding trauma is the primary task, because skin trauma can cause white spot diffusion, spread.

Parents should try to protect their children or avoid them. Once scratch, mass, heat, etc., it is not immersed in water. The second is to pay attention to mental health of children with sick children.

Although the child is small, it is very strong.

Because the appearance of the appearance, it may be discounted to different vocals, and the mentality is inevitable.

Parents should communicate with their children, do psychological counseling, but also to grasp "degree", don’t pay too much attention, because more attention will cause more psychological burden to children. If the child finds that the child has inferior psychology, it becomes silent, and parents should promptly ask for psychological interventions to make children correctly understand the disease and cross the psychology. Spring is easy to relapse is also the health status quo of vitiligo group in the treatment. At present, many patients do not have standardized detection, such as lack of three-dimensional CT intelligent pigment analysis, tyrosinase activity, cell subgroup, trace elements, etc., blind treatment, resulting in unnecessary treatment or delay treatment. Vitiligo "Confessional Action" jointly Beijing Dandu, Badio Vittle Hospital, carried out special vitiligo free testing activities in patients with vitiligo, further clarifying the cause, judging the disease, and promotes the effectiveness of treatment. During the event, eligible patients can apply for 10,000 yuan to help them get out of medical treatment.

Patients can call "Confession Action" or pay attention to the official micro signal. Bai Shufang introduced that accurate detection as an important part of precision medical care is an important means of understanding the condition.

Using professional instruments from lessessing, skin structure, blood, immunity, viscera, etc.

  At the same time, accurate detection can provide the exact diagnosis basis for clinical, avoid misdiagnosis; standardize a personalized treatment plan, promote vitiligo "same disease heterogenesis"; help from internal and external treatment, improve the efficacy, reduce cost ; Contribute to the whole cycle rehabilitation, promote physical and mental integrity, consolidate the efficacy. Bai Shufang said that there is no treatment without treatment. No precise testing will not have precise, standardized treatment, and it is more impossible to meet the purpose of early rehabilitation and anti-recurrence.

  It is worthy of concern that the current period is a high-incidence of vitiligo. Due to the spring weather warming, the cloud is thinner, the ultraviolet penetration is enhanced, and the skin exposure is more likely to cause damage, and the climate is unstable, the temperature difference change is large, and it is easy to spread for patients that have been ill. Because the clothes are thin, the white spot is exposed to the patient, but also the impact on the appearance, but also physical and psychological health threats.

  However, spring is also the golden period of treatment.

First, the human body function is more active, and the new metabolism is fast. If the right and effective treatment is taken in this period, the drug can be better absorbed, give full play to the efficacy, shorten the treatment cycle, and curb the process of disease.

  At the same time, this season, the various functional organs of the human body are at all times, their own immunity is strong, can repair the disorder of the immune system, to the external stimulus, can establish a health barrier through itself, to resist the outside world intrusion. (Chen S).