Xiamen Ma won the "World Tianlian Elite Platinum" ranks among the highest level of the world marathon

Original title: Xiamen won the "World Tianlian Elite Platinum" ranked among the world Marathon’s highest level event, the World Tianlian official website was 21:30 on the 25th, Beijing time announced that Xiamen Marathon won 2021 "World Tianlian Elite Platinum" event Certification.

  "World Fedae Elite Platinum" is the highest level in the World Federation of Federation, the highest level of events. In the evening of the Xiamen Marathon Organizing Committee, the above-mentioned news is disclosed that Xiama will reope with the new steps, won the "World Fairi Elite Platinum" event, and the world’s Marathon’s six largest symposium. Founded in the 2003 Xiamen Marathon, it is struggling to go to the 19-year development course.

At the end of 2007, Xiama was one of the first marathon events that were the world’s first marathon in the world and 13 consecutive years. At the beginning of its establishment, Xiama also established the "Government leading, market operation" model, which is the large marathon of China’s first market-oriented operation.

As the top event IP in China, the market value of Xiama Ma will increase year by year. Statistics show that 2020 Xiamen Master’s direct economic impact has reached 100 million yuan (RMB, the same), driving the economic impact of about 100 million yuan, comprehensive economy The impact is 100 million yuan. The Secretary of the Party Group of Xiamen Sports Bureau, Yan Dunliang, said that in 19 years, Xiama has made an important contribution to the development of China Marathon. The arrival of "Elite Platinum" is not only the height of Xiama Ma, but also gives Xiama’s mission, marking the building of the building. He said that in the future, Xia Ma will continue to improve the professionalization of the event, the level of internationalization, will show higher quality Xiamen to the world marathon enthusiasts, with the help of the marathon to further expand urban influence, and help Xiamen high-quality high-quality modernization internationalization Urban construction, contributing to the construction of sports and healthy China. (Editor: Yang Yupo, even the creation) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.