"Back to Guiyang Office, has always been my wish"

The grandfather of Gaohong has been teaching in private, often asks that high-ranking and sister must have posts after doing homework.

Gao Hong enjoyed the happiness of writing, although the rule of the registration record, but she is always playing the pattern, sometimes takes a pen, sometimes writing, sometimes written into a circle or flat.

Many years later, when the high land saw the preface to the "Wang Hao’s 集 集" in Liuzhou Xinhua Bookstore, immediately attracted it. At that time, she still didn’t know who Wang Hao was, with her love to his work. Beijing.

At the age of 35, I entered the Central Academy of Fine Arts Wang Wei calligraphy training class learning.

In the year of the training class, Gao Hong opened its eyes and found the direction of the art. When she returned to Liuzhou, she had formed her unique style and became a special person. She is considered to have a big gap between the same age.

She thinks calligraphy looks at the end of the line. "The line is the life of calligraphy, I want the inner thing in the line, a sneak spiritual force.

"With some old artists’ exchange experience, there is a pivotal role in the road of high foreign art.

When I entered the right side of the exhibition hall, in addition to the Xiao Yu inscription, I also showed the famous calligrapher Xie Yun, the Central Academy of Sciences, Professor Wang Wei, Wang Wei, is the word on the topic of the Highway. In the letter of Xie Yun to Gaohong, it is called the high foreign friend and wrote: "Shizhi three days, look at it … You are not who is your body, you are your insistence." Exhibition opening the day, "feeling" Old – Gaohong Works Return Hometown Exhibition Academic Seminar "held, multi-artists and literary people in discussing high-ranking art achievements.

China Book Consultant, Vice Chairman of Guizhou Province, Chairman of the Guizhou Book Association, said that this exhibition is very taste, reflecting the professional level of the curator, is a rare exhibition in Guiyang Art Museum in recent years.

The work of Gaohong is very old. I have done a lot of books and books that are difficult to enter. Yang Chang, secretary of the Chinese Book Association, the Secretary-General of the Guizhou Book Association, believes that high-ranking works is very high, and the lines of Chinese paintings, pen ink, and structures are very old, and her work is refined.

It is reported that the exhibition will last until November 3, and the public can go to a free visit.

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