Qixian: Concentrate gathering to build an epidemic prevention and control barrier

"Hello, keep 1 meter distance, present health code, and measure body temperature.

"On August 16, in the Sanguancun Epidemic Control and Health Service Station in Qi County, Hebi City, Nanguan Village, the poverty leverans, Dr. Zhao Hu, in the driving department of the local branch, actively participating in volunteer service, registering in and out of jurisdiction , Scanning code, temperature measurement, disinfection, reminding residents in the jurisdiction to wear a mask, do personal protection, and sincerely won the recognition and praise of villagers in the jurisdiction.

"We have a responsibility of preventing and controlling the epidemic, there is an obligation to charge, protect the lives of the people." Nanguancun Party Branch Secretary said.

In the Chayge Song Community, Zhongshan Street Village, Sanhai Community and other epidemic prevention and control and health service stations, party members volunteers responded to the call of the Party Work Committee. On August 8, in the face of Hebi new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control situation, the Chartered Street Party Workers’ Committee issued the "national mobilization to prevent the epidemic situation", mobilizing the village party organizations to give full play to the role of fighting fortress, organize party members and cadres to actively carry out volunteer services Activities, calling on party members and cadres take the lead in the epidemic prevention and control of the first line of pioneers, do the form, and jointly build a strong back shield against the epidemic, play the battle songs against the epidemic, show the powerful cohesiveness of the party organization.

The epidemic is the order, prevention and control is responsibility.

The first time, the first time organized party members and entrance to the party to set up a party member commando, rapidly arranged 45 epidemic health service sites in the jurisdiction (community), at the same time, organize strength, all the masses in the jurisdiction Nucleic acid detection, as of August 14, a total of more than 60,000 people were detected by nucleic acids, and the strength of the "protective wall" contributed to the "protective wall".

For the uncomfortable unit, the poverty poverty, actively visiting the door, and sending the party and the government’s care, helping it to carry out self-rescue production and life, rebuild the home, prevent the occurrence of the regenerative phenomena.

"The street party Work Committee will always be the strong backing of the party members. In this epidemic prevention and control battle without smoke, we will be with the masses of the cadres, the public, build a defense, and to prevent and achieve the village revitalization. Chang Dynasty, secretary of the Party Work Committee of Chaoge Street, said.

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