Shandong accelerates the establishment of manufacturing quality enterprise gradient cultivation library

  ● Strive to 2025, there are more than 1,500 provincial-level manufacturing, "special new" enterprises, "small giants" enterprises, 400 single champion enterprises and 150 leaders, high-quality enterprise gradient cultivation pattern basically Recently, the six departments of the Shandong Industrial and Information Technology Department, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of Finance, issued the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of High-quality Enterprises".

Focus on key industries and fields, Shandong will screen with the ability, unusual enterprises who lead the development of industrial chain to establish gradient cultivation library, accelerate the development of a group of special new "small giants" enterprises, manufacturing single champion enterprises, industrial chain Manufacturing high-quality enterprises represented by the company.

  The focus of focusing industrial base, obvious focus, large-scale development potential, Shandong will identify a group of potential and active enterprises, focusing on building a group of main business outstanding, precious production management, unique process technology, "Small giant" enterprises with strong innovation, fast growth, large development potential; focus on a group of long-term deep-long-growing industrial chains, master key core technology, have a high market position in terminal products or intermediate products and Single champion enterprise in market share; focusing on a group of industrial chain enterprises with ecological dominance, comprehensive strength, and relevant business have domestic market rights. Strive to 2025, there are more than 1,500 manufacturing of the provincial-level manufacturing industry, "small giants" enterprises, 400 single champion enterprises and more than 150 pilot enterprises, and the high-quality enterprise gradient cultivation pattern is basically formed.

  Shandong will build large and medium-sized enterprises to combat the platform carrier, support the leadership of the industry chain "chain owner", open resources to the upper and downstream enterprises, through industry associations, industry alliances, etc., in technology research, product support, brand channels, funds In terms of fusion, small and medium-sized enterprises with high relationship and strong synergistic are entered into the industrial chain, supply chain, and innovative chains.

At the same time, it is encouraged SMEs to strengthen the collaborative innovation, supporting cooperation, and continuously smooth industry circulation, market cycle, and promote modern industrial systems with higher efficiency, lower costs. Shandong will also improve the "factor followed the project" mechanism, promote the focus of high quality enterprises, etc., such as land, energy consumption, pollutant emissions, water resources. (Fu Yuting) (End).