There are many sites, more contacts, more activities: here civilization practice has "more than three"

1 Push the tangible partition, break the invisible grassroots, carry out the new era civilization practice, first consider where the position is located.

Jiawang District broke the "two floors, one hospital, two iron gate", demolished the wall, opened the door, and compressed the community office space, and set the venue for the masses. "The Villages and two counters focus on the front desk office, and all other places have changed to the masses of activities.

Zhu Baozhen, director of the New Times Civilization Practice Office of Daquan Street, said that the villagers always believe that the village committee is the place where the village committee is the office, and there is nothing wrong with the three treasures. After the transformation, the number of villagers went to the village committee significantly increased.

"There are local activities of ordinary people, we can also bring the masses to gather the masses." Guashi Community Party Secretary Luopuan Functional rooms such as farm book house, community staff in the hall. At present, Jia Wangquan has built a new era civilization practice center, 12 practice, 134 practice stations, 550 practice points, all over urban and rural, station, and point to become the red position and spirit home around the people. 2 enrich practical forms, let the masses like to make the theoretical preaching, elephant, Jia Wang District, in the form of the masses, and integrate various volunteer resources into the grassroots level.

At the time of organizing theme preaching, Jia Wang District requires time to control within 15 minutes, explaining the process of interruption of educational significance, and the activity clearance also sets a prize question and answer.

"Building a hundred years of happy events, renewing brilliant playing Kaifeng …" In Mazhuang Village, Pan’an Lake, "Party Flags Waving Day Red" is being staged. Mu Zhuang Village Xu Xiaoyei said that the characteristic theory preached the ground, the people were very love.

Rural big speakers management of villagers, still have not been outdated in rural parts of Suort.

In order to improve the quality of the content, the Jiawang District arranged specialized broadcaster, and the audio host was recorded by the area of ??the media center, and sent it to the villages and communities.

Zhao Xiaobang, a three groups of Daxie Village, Dawu Street, said: "The broadcast is small, the role is very good. The big speaker sounds, and many policy information can be understood.

"Ten Miss" realizes the home, timeless, and something.

However, there is a happy event, funeral, urgent affairs, difficult things, disease, disputes, etc., there must be volunteers. Each "Ten" volunteer package 10 people, at least one time at least once a month, at least one phone number once a week. 3 civilized practices have mechanism protection to avoid a wind, walk through the field, Jiawang District provides long-term protection for civilized practice activities.

Village has a civilized practice liaison. Jiawang District took out some funds to buy social services every year, with 1 full-time liaison and 1 part-time liaison, implementing AB angle system, to ensure that the grassroots work "is dry". The full-time liaison was unified to the community for social unification, and the 10% removal of the assessment ranking, the organizational department also included this team into the management of village-level backup cadres.

Safeguard the source of activities.

Jia Wang District is based on "Government invested a little invested, and the company sponsorship, and the civil donation is a point", and the use of various special funds. Such as raising the establishment of civilized practice funds, used for volunteer service project support, civilized practice office (station), upgrade, to ensure special funds, have money available.

Establish a package hi-mounted guidance mechanism.

The four sets of team members of Jiawang District hang a weak village, community, and in-depth packets per month.

12 towns (streets) in the whole district and 12 Xuzhou local universities and social welfare organizations have been jointly built, and the 23-level civilized units and 23 new era civilization practices are signed to jointly establish an agreement, regularly investigate guidance and help . Volunteer service is diverse. Jiawang District integrated with more than 100,000 volunteer service teams, the implementation of interest system management of volunteer services. The volunteer service "guerrilla" changed "formal army."