"Medium-Non Cooperation 2035 Vision" will be released during the 8th ministerial meeting of China-African Cooperation Forum

  China Youth Daily Appreciation November 17 (Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net Reporter Ningdi) At the press conference held in China, the reporter learned that the 8th ministerial meeting of China-African Cooperation Forum will At the end of November, it was held in Senegal. "At present, 55 members of the forum have gathered again, which fully highlights the strong will of China and the deepening of friendly cooperation.

"Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce stressed that the meeting will be held, will further condense the non-strategic consensus, deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership in the middle and non-comprehensive strategic partnerships, and continue to sustainable, high-quality development, in order to build a new era The Destiny Community plays a positive role.

  The theme of the Forum Conference with "Deepening China-Non-Partnership, Promoting Sustainable Development, Building a New Era" as the theme It is understood that China will announce some new initiatives to non-cooperation at the last forum meeting. The new initiative of this session has the following considerations: First, the docking development strategy.

The new initiative will combine China’s 2035 long-term goal and build a "double cycle" new development pattern. For non-mainly 2063 projects related to the ANAN, the AU has developed a 2063 agenda. There are many specific plans under this large framework to strengthen this strategic docking, clear the development path of China and non-cooperation. measure. Second, focus cooperation opportunities. The new initiative will focus on the development of the economic and social development of Africa under the situation of the epidemic situation, covering the traditional field of China-in-laws, and supporting the development of African resumption as the main line, focusing the health imprisonment, people’s livelihood poverty reduction, and trade investment. Expanding cooperation in emerging fields such as digital economy, green low carbon, vocational education. Third, aggregate cooperation power.

New initiatives will encourage and support more departments, local, corporate, financial institutions, etc. At the same time, during this meeting, China-Non-cooperation will also jointly release "the 2035th Vision of China and Non-Cooperation", and do a good job in medium and long-term planning of China-Africa cooperation, laying the body framework of both parties to cooperate in the next 15 years, further enhance the new measures forum Forward, systematic and continuity.