From the quantity of the army, see why Southern Song has a clear advantage.

Speaking of the death of the Song Dynasty, many people feel that "there is no China after the mountain" on the Internet, reflecting the sadness of the Song Dynasty. At the same time, I also sigh the braveness of Mongolians, it is the whip of God. Many people are attributed to the power of Mongolia’s military power.

Before Yuan Junfu, there were more than 700,000 regular military, and later recruited some volunteers in the future, only more than 30 million people who participated in the entire Song war.

From the contrast of the military, Song Jun posted a clear advantage, and it was soon killed by the Yuan army, which not only has various military factors, but also a deep political reason. After Kublaus, strengthen the joint power of the central coordination, consolidate, the ruling class, and gradually transformed Mongolian regime to the feudal dynasty in the Zhongyuan. The War of the Song Dynasty, from the nature, is a unified war in the feudal dynasty.

Kublai is clear before launching the River battle: If the people of the people, the military and civilian bureaucrats, to go to the obeying, or the official level of the Qiqi, the inspection. The armored military people, Yishang will be smashed, and the parents’ wife, the family, the family, still add to the rejuvenation. In the future, I will continue to post the wish, and the towns and the officials are standing and returning to the people. "If the farmer is not, the merchants are painted, the scholar is yellow, each is rich, and the annoyance of the Song Dynasty , Showing a unified national will and confidence.

Since the chaos of the Tang Dynasty (755 years), the political power is divided into, dividing the division, the war is still, all people people want to achieve the national unity, obtain a more stable production and living environment. As an emerging force, Mongolian regime, destroyed the discretionary regime, completing the large-scale task of completing these discrete regimes, is the need to advance in the history. Kublai’s predecessors have made a lot of work in the unified great cause, so that he is only facing the last major enemy, and it has completed the unified career.

Although the South China Dynasty is weak, it can still have strong military strength and economic power, and the generals of combat experience and anti-enemy determination are not short.

The big attack on the Yuanjun, Song Ting has prepared. The problem is that corrupt bureaucratic politics will definitely lead to military failures. Jia is like a country, Chen Yi is the country, only knows that the solid special pet, the enemy is currently not prepared seriously, and it is trying to exclude the war.

On the occasion of the two armies, the minister of Song, often not carefully furnrate the army to meet the enemy, but is passionate to send or have an appointment, and there are many generals under the bottom, or to escape, or look at the wind. Even if there are several generals fighting, they will not be saved.

The party struggles and rejection in Song Ting have not only hit the ministers and generals of the inner power against the enemy, but also push some people to the Yuan Dynasty. Liu’s downside, is a typical example.

The Song people have long, the water force is great to exceed the Yuan Jun, but in the war, the whole army is in the stretch, and hundreds of thousands of military fort into a few, in the strategy overall, in the event of passive beating. After being surrounded by the Yuanjun, the strength and Yuan Jun in the local battlefield were basically union. The Song Jun will be more in the river in the river in the Water Army, rather than the Water Machinery Operation, Carrying Excellence, Eliminating the Enemy Water Army, and the resulting a large number of water troops have been eliminated by excessive concentration. Song Jun’s many fiasses are because of this wrong tactics.

The strength of the Song Jun not did not play out, but because the water army has lost the risks of the Yangtze River, leading to the global collapse.

The situation in the Yuan Dynasty and the Song Dynasty were very different.

Kublai, himself, not only has a lot of majesty, but also pays attention to the advice of the ministers.

Before launching the Song Song war, Dubei failed to convene a ministers to discuss the operation of the operation, and both selected the appropriate opportunity to enter the opportunity, but also developed a wealth of operational plans. During the war process, Kublai has repeatedly recalled the minister of the main soldiers and re-adjusted military deployment according to the battlefield situation.

All military in the war have a relatively adequate preparation in personnel and materials. The Yuan Jun will also have the leadership, and if you sie in Chongqing, Dongchuan, Xichuan District, the mutual support, but in general, Mongolia, color, Han people can cooperate with each other, obey unified command, and strive to fight.

The challenge policy taken by the Yuan Ting has played a very important role in the power of the Song Jun, enhancing his strength. After the Southern Song Dynasty, he did not only extensively recruit the mother and the old, the old jurisdiction, and the army often led the army as the pioneer of the Yuanjun, and the city was slightly. The Yuanjun used the right strategic tactics. In order to achieve the strategic goal of the established "along the river, straight to Lin’an", the army commanded the big army to avoid the Song Bing, and the army of the combined war is surrounded by the Song Jun. The surroundings don’t fight, holding Song army’s strength, after the strategic goal is reached, it will be eliminated one by one.

In combat, the Yuan Jun often trifted the weakness and broke through the weak link of Song Jun’s defensive; play the steps, the strength of the cavalry battle, and the water army entered the army.

Song and Yuan Army’s decisive warriors have been victorious in close cooperation with the water army. In the heart of the enemy’s neighborhood, the Yuan Jun uses the method of breaking his foreign aid, the grain, and does not hesitate to be siege for the long time.

It is because the Yuan Jun uses a flexible and changeable tactics, and the quality of the Yuan Jun is better than the Song Jun, so you can master the initiative on the battlefield and win the victory.