Focus on Huami Group & Nanjing University of Technology, the first cosmetic application seminar successfully concluded

Attending this seminar, He Bingfang, the teachers of Nanjing University of Technology, and the pharmacy teacher youth teachers represent the deputy professor of the pharmacy, the professional research talents such as high-service military, and the chairman of Huashen Group, the chairman of Huaxia Group. A representative of the R & D team of Alinda, the R & D chief engineer. Both parties have got a lot of harvest for this seminar, and it is very beneficial. From the beginning of the Huashen Group, from the beginning of the establishment, he always insisted on independent research and development, focusing on the investment in the research and development of cosmetics. Built 4 labs, self-skincare R & D room and make-up research and development room, and organized a professional R & D team.

Have a total of 18 types of agents, 276 successful product formulations, 753 test formulations, and more than 3,000 reserve formulations.

Huasha Group Skin Care Labs and Makeup Laboratory Huamusia Group’s attention to research strength is not only reflected in its own resources, but also looks globally, inviting Shitang research and development expert Island Lianyang as Huashen * ANU R & D consultant, and global traceability Looking for the best raw materials, 20 cities in 8 years, more than 200 top natural raw materials, direct supply, more than 80 global raw materials, 85% of the raw materials from all over the world, more Korean Sodi’s world’s largest nerve The amide producer blessings. Anu Austrian products are relieved, comfortable, and the effect is satisfactory. It is because of the intensity of the Quanmi Group’s paying attention to product quality and research and development capabilities. After the establishment of the joint R & D center, both parties have entered the first seminar preparation.

In the process, Huashen Group researchers and professors and research teams from Nanjing University of Technology launched a full discussion of micro-ecological prospects for future skin care industries.

I believe that Huashen Group-Nanjing University of Technology, the Joint R & D Center, in the future cooperation process, bringing change to the development of the industry, bringing better products to consumers, let us look forward to it. Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.