Han Qingxiang: The thunderous applause of the 19th National Vincen

The picture shows Xinhuanet Special Interview "Experts Take You Read Report" to invite member of the Central Party School School Committee, and Director, Director of the Deputy Education, and Professor Han Qingxiang interprets the report interview site.

Xinhuanet Guo Xiaotian photo Xinhuanet Beijing October 18th (Reporter He Fan Li) The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be grandly opened in the Beijing Great Hall of the People today. Xi Jinping reported to the General Assembly on behalf of the 18th Central Committee. Xinhuanet special interview "Expert takes you reading the report" invited a member of the Central Party School Committee, and the Director of the Deputy Education and the Director of the Director Han Qingxiang interprets the report.

The following is the main content of the interview: Xinhua Net: The 19th National Report is constantly sounding the thunderous warm applause. Is these applause not an embodiment of a voice? Han Qingxiang: It can be said that the applause expression is the heart, that is, a kind of agreement in the people, an inner feeling, expressing the inner voice through the outside applause.

This morning, I listened to the 19th report made by Xi Jinping. I found that the applause was more than 70 times. I am particularly paying attention to the applause, and the applause I want to express is almost consistent with the applause I want to see when watching Xijing. This is what everyone has a sense of identity and has a common emotion.

I also realized that when Xi Jinping said that everyone was most concerned about, everyone didn’t help but hung. For example, when I got an overwhelming situation in this five-year anti-corruption, everyone rang. For example, Xi Jinping talks about improving and guaranteeing people’s livelihood and promotes social governance, talking about housing, employment, seeing a doctor, going to school, and emit warm applause.

For example, when I talk about the reunification of the motherland, everyone issued a warm applause.

For example, when the Chinese nation approaches the center of the world, when he stands on the forest of the world, everyone will send a warm applause.

These applause must definitely be the expression of the voice.

Therefore, we are studying the 19th National Report, and when studying the 19th National Report, these applause can serve as the focus of our research, we have to grasp the heart through the applause, to capture the focus through the voice.

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