2021 Delivery Association has successfully closed more than 100 institutions and enterprises to apply for joining the Global Services Trade Alliance

Original title: 2021 Delivery Association successfully concluded that China International Service Trade Fair ended 17 o’clock yesterday. The current service trade union has created the exhibition show for the "Wan 2" in the second pavilion, held 5 summit forums, 200 forum meetings, introduction to negotiation and side, attracted 7364 domestic and foreign enterprises online online, ratio The last increase of 37%, the online construction of 6,511 booths, uploaded more than 30,000 pieces, reached a group of fruitful results, the number of overall results, the transaction amount exceeded.

  Yesterday, Wang Zhihua, the second-level inspector of the Ministry of Commerce, said in the "Introduction to the Overall Society of the 2021", according to the initial statistics, as of 16 o’clock yesterday, there were 1672 results of this session of the service. 642 transaction projects, 223 investment classes, 200 agreements, 158 authority issues, 46 league platforms, 139 innovation categories, 264 recommended classes. Servers, deputy director of the "Friend Circle" expansion service committee, director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, introduced that the service will surround the "digital opening of the future, service promotion" theme, held all 12 fields of service trade Exhibition, Forum Meeting, Recommending negotiations and edge activities.

In terms of improving the level of internationalization, there are 116 foreign countries and regions online or off-site business exhibition, which increased by 12; 21 International Organization Office, which increased more than the previous session; 74 resident Hua Huan Hall Office, which has increased by 6. The internationalization rate of exhibiting enterprises underline online is 15%, which is increased by 6 percentage points over the previous year.

Among them, the overall internationalization rate of the comprehensive exhibition is 52%, and 10 percentage points increased over the previous year. The international participation is further improved, and the service "friends circle" is further expanded.

  This year’s radio clubs are further enhanced.

Attract 510 world top 500, exhibiting under the line of industry leading enterprises, accounting for 21%, and increased by 12 percentage points from the previous year.

More than 70 domestic and foreign enterprises have released new technologies, new applications, new scenarios, new achievements in carbon neutralization, financial science and technology, medical health, etc. in the Release Office, leading new development.

Around the centers of Science and creature, "two districts" construction, international consumer center urban construction, etc., organized 18 investment routes, including 2 nightlines, enriched the activities of exhibition customers.

  Hot topics release a number of authoritative reporting service conferences in the service meeting, forming a batch of brand activities. All kinds of forum activities, focus on digital trade, service trade open, trade investment facilitation, etc., in-depth discussion. 294 important guests in the country or under the line or underline meeting.

Centralized the "China Service Trade Development Report 2020" and other authoritative reports and index lists, and the brand influence is further improved.

  In terms of promoting digital services, digital service area, focusing digital experience, digital service, digital management, etc., issued "China Digital Trade Development Report 2020", "Digital Trade Development and Cooperation Report (2021)" Major results.

In addition, the green low-carbon concept runs through the service will organize the whole process, and the booth builds low carbonization and reusable new materials.

Digital and smart oil air field technology, low-carbon printing and other series of innovative technologies and wonderful appearances. 15 related activities such as "Global Ecological Sustainable Development Summit Forum" have been organized, and the intelligence energy promotes zero carbonation, green finance, etc., and promotes global green low-carbon development.

  Epidemic Prevention Health Helps the Global Pharmaceutical Service Zone, and set up a Chinese medicine service area, concentrate on display new crown virus vaccine, epidemic prevention Chinese medicine preparation, mobile testing laboratory, etc. New results, new services, new services, including research wards, robotic surgery, etc., including research wards, robotic surgery, allowing audience to feel the new day and different medical development results. Yan Li Gang introduced that the Global Services Trade Alliance established a conference for the establishment of the Global Service Trade Alliance. At present, there are more than 100 institutions and enterprises have submitted members’ application, covering the 12th major areas of five continents and services, and will also hold a conference in Beijing this year. Text / This reporter Li Jia (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.