Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development: Strictly crack down on the construction market illegal and illegal acts to implement the "one -vote veto" system for safety production

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 29 (Reporter Wang Renhong) On the morning of April 29, the Department of Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision of the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development and the Department of Construction Market Supervision jointly held a promotion meeting for the safety production governance action of housing municipal engineering.

The meeting deepened the implementation of the overall requirements of governance operations and the spirit of mobilization of governance operations, summarized the work of mobilizing the deployment of governance operations, and promoted the related work during the investigation and rectification stage.

Supervise and guide all localities to take the governance operations and resolutely control the safety of production safety. The meeting reported the work of mobilization and deployment of governance operations.

As of now, the competent departments of the provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and urban and rural construction departments and relevant departments have formulated a governance action implementation plan and extended to the grassroots and front lines. implementation plan.

All localities coordinate the prevention and control and production safety of the epidemic, strengthen organizational leadership, take the initiative to communicate and coordinate, set up special work classes, deploy hidden dangers investigation, and orderly promote the implementation and implementation of various tasks. The meeting pointed out that strengthening the two links of the construction market and construction site is an important measure to do a good job of production safety. It is necessary to rectify the market order and implement the safety responsibility for integration, integrated inspections, and advance. It is necessary to severely crack down on illegal and illegal acts, increase public notification efforts, and implement the "one -vote veto" system for safety production.

It is necessary to strengthen the real -name management system of construction workers, improve the monitoring and early warning function, and achieve full coverage and unified management. It is necessary to actively promote the transformation of construction methods, care about caring for migrant workers, and reduce the risk of production safety at the construction site.

This governance action must not only pay close attention to the hidden dangers of major accidents, but also strictly investigate illegal and illegal acts, and truly achieve high efficiency and high -quality linkage on the spot. The meeting requested that the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise should be strengthened, and the requirements of the governance operations should be reduced to each enterprise, each project and each employee. To suppress the responsibility of the land supervision, the provincial competent authorities should urge municipal and county -level housing and urban and rural construction departments to formulate implementation plans as soon as possible, sort out the safety production management situation in the region, find out the number of projects, formulate a detailed inspection plan, ensure that the full full -time will be completed by the end of July to the end of July. Cover the inspection and upload the results of the inspection in time.

It is necessary to carry out the investigation and management of major accidents in major accidents.

Strengthen the study and announcement of the "Standards for the Judgment of major accidents in the production safety of housing municipal engineering", and strictly conduct inspections on the "Judgment Standard" during the investigation and rectification stage.

It is necessary to make a good job in economic development, epidemic prevention and control, and production safety.

Resolutely grasp the prevention and control of employees in the construction industry. In areas with severe epidemics, it is necessary to actively help enterprises to solve practical difficulties, ensure that during the epidemic, the main person in charge of the enterprise, the person in charge of the enterprise, the person in charge of the project, and the special operations Personal security certificate continues to work. The meeting proposed that safety production in the fields of housing and urban and rural construction must be fully grasped. Continue to do a good job of investigation of the "two violations", earnestly carry the political responsibility of preventing hidden dangers of risks, and resolutely prevent the hidden dangers of "two violations" into accidents.

In accordance with the spirit of the May Day holiday safety prevention video conference held by the Security Commission of the State Council, we must effectively strengthen the safety risk prevention of the housing and urban and rural construction fields. The main leaders must personally take the lead, strengthen the supervision and inspection.

The meeting emphasized that all localities must take their duties seriously, strictly implement the requirements of governance actions, strictly implement the spirit of mobilizing video conferences, strictly promote various tasks in order to strictly follow the prescribed time nodes, and effectively achieve hidden danger, press accidents, guarantee accidents, guarantee Safety, resolutely control the safety production situation in the fields of housing and urban and rural construction, ensure that one party is safe, and in order to do a good job in the effectiveness of governance operations, we will welcome the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. (Responsible editor: Wang Renhong, Lu Yan) Share let more people see recommended reading.